Coming Home

Leaving is the hardest thing. It always seems especially difficult to leave the Malibu Club, a Young Life camp in BC, Canada. I’m always a bit surprised by how I feel when coming home from that wonderful place. The property is a relatively small section of rock and dirt, covered with trees and old wood […]

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7/5/14 Prayer Update

Thank you for your continued prayers. We just finished our first, or four, ropes course days. Each week that we are at camp this summer there is a full day dedicated to getting the entire camp through the ropes course. It’s physically a challenge, but spiritually an all out battle. High school kids are learning […]

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The Full Canvas

I have kids; three to be exact. They like to draw; and so do I. Recently I made an observation about some drawings by young people. There seemed to be a distorted understanding of the background. Have you noticed this? I’m sure you have. When a child looks at an environment that truly exists–people, animals, […]

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The Kingdom is Greater

I lost my headphones. And I’m quite distraught about it. You may call me pathetic and scoff at my frustration over such a petty thing. I understand. They’re just headphones; I could replace them for less than $20. To this I would say: you don’t understand! These small pieces of hardware were my Christmas gift […]

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